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Monday, April 28, 2014

Looking forward to "next time!"


Aw… I had cool fotos to send you this week but they are taking forever to load. Next time.

That letter from Blaine was the best ever. (He wrote to us about a fun family event involving the “What About Bob?” movie)

I got special permission to go to the baptism of Juvencio y Jesus en Garcia Gineres on Friday and it was SO fantastic. I’ve never been so happy at a baptism before. We are going to be friends forever

Entrevistas (interviews) with President were this week. I presented a few problems I had noticed in intercambios (exchanges) and things I was hoping we could change (2-hour email time included, Mum :) ) I must have made a good case because he said, “Sister Ludlam, you are really smart.  I bet your Dad gives you everything you want.” :)  I’m glad I have a President that really takes opinions into consideration.

Eee! I am so excited for the capacitación mañana (training meeting tomorrow). I was telling Mom a little bit about it, but I’ll explain some of the training we’re giving about “Contacting Effectively” next week. It is an acquired skill. 

Handy little hamaqueros.
I have a question for the heads of household. If I buy the metal hamaqueros they use to hang hammocks, can we install them in the walls of the porch or Ava’s room (Thanks, Ava) or something? They’re not very big, but they do go in the wall...

I wish I had time to write more in-depth and useful things, but I time.

Hermana Ludlam

From Mum:  Thus the need for 2-hour email!

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