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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bonus Letter: A New Companion and No Map!

Meet my new companion!
Hermana Harper, la NORTEAMERICANA!

I definitely wasn't expecting a paisana. :) (a girl from my country)  Hermana Harper is lovely. She wants to work and has a beautiful spirit, and absorbs everything I tell her really quickly. She is 20, from Orem, Utah, and a nursing student.

Well. Yesterday I entered the chapel feeling great, but I realized when we got to our house that I had no idea what to do. I had no idea what to plan for since we are opening the area.  I hardly know how to be a missionary and somewhere in between the offices and the taxi we lost our huge map that we use to mark all the people we need to teach. I really didn't think I was up to this.

But. Prayer works. We called the bishop and the Relief Society President to meet with them tomorrow, and we used a little piece of cardboard to make a mini-map to plan the next day. We used our exercise time to find a grocery store, and today within three hours of leaving the house we already have 3 citas and 2 new and very prospective investigators. We feel like good missionaries. :) Heavenly Father really will take care of everything if we rely on Him. 

Next door to us is a member family that owns a restaurant, and Hna. Primavera (la mama) came over to give us empanadas for breakfast this morning and gave us directions to all of the stores we need. She also fed us lunch in her restaurant. Their whole family is just fantastic.

I have some pictures from my last night in Madero, with the Can Castro family, who invited us to come cut the ‘rosco’ with them (it's a special croissant/danish-like cake in a long skinny ring with little plastic dolls inside) and hot chocolate. It's for some holiday but I still haven't figured out which one. We gave a short lesson on La Familia to their non-member friends and family, and the members there gave some incredible testimonies.  
Los Can Castro:  Hna. Fheve, Isis, Yvanna, & Hno. Miguel   
  They are our member neighbors in Madero. One of the twins plays violin (we did a duet for the Christmas activity that hopefully Hno Miguel will be able to send to you, I gave him your email address) and the other plays piano, and the older sister plays flute. It's pretty unusual to have so much musical talent in one family because hardly ANYONE takes music lessons here. Their house is really nice for a house in Madero.

Hermana Kim is a ward missionary and has a daughter, Suri, that just left on her mission.  Her husband is always smiling--except in this picture!
Hermana Kim and husband 

I have heard that after you get home from your mission, they delete your email account. Can you look into this? Or maybe a way to salvage all my emails? I have some beautiful letters from members that I want to keep, plus all the mass missionary emails that I'd like to read later. Plus the emails from you guys.

Oh, another miracle-- my violin is fixed! One night, I had the impression that I should play the violin for H' Torales before we went to bed, so I got it out of my case-- and the pegs moved! It had been unusually cold the past few days and the next day it returned to being hot and heavy, so now my violin is stuck in tune. 

I love you all.
Mucho amor, 
Hna Ludlam 

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