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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Gospel Changes People Deeply!

Hola Familia Increíble, 

Marta's baptism was beautiful. She was so happy and so angelic in white. She has been radiating all week. The Holy Ghost is so real.  AND Pascual's baptism is scheduled for next week! AH! He is so happy too. YOU GUYS-- the gospel CHANGES people deeply!

Marta's Baptism Day
And in OTHER joyful news, I got a huge stack of DearElders!  I got two from Mom, two from Ava and one from Livi and the Agee letter. Sometimes, I think that “Oh, maybe my dreams of how it's going to be when I get to be with my family and how happy we're going to be and how much I'm going to love them are exaggerated because I've been away for so long.” But then I read your letters and remember how completely wonderful you are. I think “Naw, Satan, you ain't nuthin but a fibber.” I love you all.

And in OTHER joyful news, I was calling the materials secretary about some stuff we’re buying for our house and he happened to mention, “Oh, and you have a package here...” YES!!

Do you know if other people are DearEldering me?

Both Livi and Mum sent me some fabulous questions that I completely plan to answer but don't have time this week. 

Shoot! I had so much good stuff I wanted to tell you all. 
In front of Hna. Magali's store with some dulces.

Every morning we help Hna. Primavera (our neighbor with the restaurant) to deliver her food to Hna. Magali's tienda. Hna. Magali is in a wheelchair but still is a very active member of the ward. We decided to buy lunch there today since it's p-day and bought mainly dulces. :)

We took a picture with our ward mission leader, Hno. Alvarado. Oh boy I love him. I will write more about him later.

Oh! In a February package: can you send greeting cards and pens in multiple colors that are not gel pens? And a 3-ring 1-inch or 2-inch notebook?

Oh... sad news. 'The Beast' (suitcase) is on it’s last legs. It has a hole in the bottom and does not travel well, even though I duct-taped it up good.  Can you send some dinero to buy a replacement?  Thanks for asking.

Hno. Alvarado, our ward mission leader
Also, if there's anything you guys want me to bring home from Mexico tell me so I'll know what to bring you. It'll help if I have more time to look and can pick things up as I go along.

Hermana Ludlam

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