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Monday, February 3, 2014

Woot-woot! + bonus MTC video footage

We just received a bootleg MTC video from Lia's cousin, Brooke, in the MTC.  She recorded Lia (accompanying on the violin) with her cell phone.  Not the best quality, but we loved hearing her play.  You can watch down at the bottom of this post!  Thank you, Brooke, all the way in Korea!

Hola Familia,

Woot woot!  Baptism this week too! Pascual will be baptized on Ava's birthday and his FAMILY is going to travel to come see it and they want to hear the discussions, too. Which is new.  Pascual gave me the phone last night because his wife wanted to talk to us but we ran out of credit before she could get to what she wanted to say. But we'll talk at the baptism. 

EEE.  We're really in miracle mode. I didn't even have people close to baptism in Madero, but here practically all our investigators are the real deal (and there's a good 6 or 7 of them). They actually WANT to listen to us and have baptismal dates and everything. And all of them are such cool and such different people and I wish you could meet them and that I had time to tell you about them. We'll have to have storytime every night when I get home or something and we can go through my journals.

About a week ago we ran into a family sitting outside their house in the street just having a good time and talking, and they all wanted to listen, and so we set a date with the mom, Juliana, and daughter Maria who live in our area (and passed the other references to the office). We visited them yesterday and only Maria had time to listen (she’s 23 and has a punk-stylish-short-cropped hair-do and usually a neon-pink forever 21 shirt). She opened the door and didn't seem that excited to talk with us, but we sat down and lo, and behold, she had READ the folleto (pamphlet) and THOUGHT about it and TOLD US THE THINGS SHE HAD LEARNED ABOUT IT. That’s very atypical, guys. And the whole lesson we were missionaries on fire, applying everything to her personal life and involving her and asking great questions. At the end, we invited her to be baptized and she was thinking for a long time so we were worried. And then... she just sort of shrugs her shoulders and nods like she’s admitting something. And then she smiled.

Hassiby came with us (she’s 16 and was accompanying us as a member). She had been telling us about this girl that passes in front of her house every day that she didn’t know, but who she felt like she ought to stop someday to talk to her about the gospel. And during the lesson with Maria, Hassiby bore her testimony in the middle and then said “Actually, you've walked past my house a ton and I’ve always wondered who that girl in the neon-pink camisa (shirt) was and felt like I ought to talk to you.” You can imagine how Hassiby felt when we knocked on the door and Maria was the one who opened it. :)

I don't know why Heavenly Father is putting so many prepared people in our path. Teaching-wise and Spanish-wise, we are not very skilled missionaries, but we DO push ourselves to have a crazy amount of faith that Heavenly Father wants EVERYONE to be baptized-- so he will direct us how to touch EVERYONE'S hearts to make them understand. And we seek his direction in every aspect of every part of our work. We’re still not very good at doing either of those things yet, but I think he gives blessings to people who try.

Can you send a thank you to the beautiful family of the Bishop for their much-appreciated package of goodies? It's brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people and I LOVED the letter and card.

Also can you thank Grandma for the letter too? I just got the one from Christmas about spending it with Dave and Susan's family and I read it in bed and it made me feel all cozy inside like I was with my family. :) We have a cool family guys.

OH. And I got the Christmas card and just sat there staring at the pictures for probably a good 5 minutes. There were only two normal-family pictures on there, I noticed, and the rest was very typically Ludlam. Thank you for your letter Mum.

Hermana Harper and I are doing a pretty good job fighting the language battle and temptation to speak English. We're in spanish probably 85% of the time.
Sometime, I'll have to send pictures of the incredible number of combinations we've made in the morning with platanos, hojuelas de maiz, y avena. (bananas, cornflakes and oatmeal.) We get pretty creative. 
Multi-ward Council (see accompanying paragraph caption)
We had a reunion last night for all of the ward councils in the stake so I aproveche la oportunidad (took advantage of the opportunity) to get picrtures of all the people I never had time to say goodbye to. I don’t really know the first three people, but the smiling guy in the green tie is Bishop Garcia, then L t R Hno Manuel Chi, Hno Pool, Hna Espinosa, the two kids of Hna Zuli, Hna Rita of the Fabulous hair (you can’t see it in it’s glory with the flowers and everything), Hna Magi and Hna Zuli (who teaches ballet in her house.) I still need one of Hno Matey, the ward mission leader. He's one of the main people I want to see when I come back someday; he's a very special person.

I didn't get to your questions, sorry, but it's on my list. :)
We’re going to the offices right now to check for mail...

Hermana Ludlam


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