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Monday, February 17, 2014

Hermanas Ludlam and Harper Stay Together!

Hola Familia,

Patrice Bakery in Merida
Hermana Harper and I are staying together! We both really did not want to leave each other AND we have a ton of very-probable baptisms planned in the next month, so we are both very happy campers. Plus, we both like the bakeries in Gineres. :-)

Mum’s questions:

Tell me about your companion now that you've had a little time to get to know her! 

Hermana Harper is so wonderfully frank. She just tells it like it is. Coupled with that, she is very sensitive to the way other people think and how they receive what we’re telling them. She usually notices things or brings up ways to change what we’re doing to suit the people we’re teaching. She catches lots of things that I miss. Part of the reason I’m so excited we’re staying together is that not only are we always coming up with ways to be better teachers, but we actually IMPLEMENT the stuff that we talk about. I have changed a lot in my teaching skills. She’s really good at (tactfully) telling me her observations of how I should change (which, in case you are curious, usually are about talking less, or not being 'teacher-y' and condescending, or ways to rephrase things).

She's strikingly pretty and we actually start a lot of conversations with people who comment on her “ojos azules preciosos” (precious blue eyes). That is a normal thing to do in Mexico-- to yell at people in the street about how they look.

Even just this last week, we got a lot closer as a companionship. I love having a companion where we can just shoot the breeze together all day and talk about everything. It was great because on the way back from Izamal (Pascual’s family) we sat in comfy travel bus seats for an hour and a half with no pressures and nothing to do but just talk. We indulged and talked in English. :)  She is a really good missionary.

Sigh... I plan all week of what to tell you about the wonderful things I am learning and then I never have time.

OH!!! I got your package, Mum, with the sockies! Thank you!  I also got a package from the Young Women and it was like I just pulled out one extremely useful thing after another. Thank you so much.

Hna Ludlam

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