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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Bible is Fantastic!

Hola Family,

The Bible is really good. I never appreciated the Bible that much before my mission, thinking of it as a really vague and general book that talked about God without ever saying anything. But it’s fantastic! It has chapter after chapter of the concrete things that Christ DID and SAID specifically so we can know what He was like. And the letters from the apostles are full of such REAL applications of how to LIVE what Christ said-- what it feels like, what it means, how to do it.

The Bible is only vague if you don’t understand it (and that is very hard to do without the Book of Mormon). Really, the best way I can think of to say it is that the Book of Mormon and the Bible complement each other. We can get a solid foundation for the doctrine from reading the Book of Mormon, add examples of living it from the Bible, find explanations for confusing Biblical ideas in the Book of Mormon... God was very very sabio ( wise) to make the two and how lucky we are to be the only dispensation with both! 

Hermanas Brito, Ramirez, Sanchez, Lia, Pitcher, ?, & Condori
Here are the sisters in my new zone. Sorry I always send these candid shots but they always turn out a lot better than the real ones, and the people look more like themselves. 

 I loved what you told me about Elder Oaks preparing his talks. I have always wanted to know what and how much goes on in their heads when the general authorities are preparing talks.

 I really liked in Kenn's letter (Elder Garner serving in Paris France Mission) about how he pushed himself so hard to reach a number goal. I have a hard time with that. I think I just have a hard time having enough faith that the goals I set for numbers really do result in more baptisms-- to the point where it's worth sacrificing a lot or changing plans just to get more of a number.  I've also realized that the little voice in my head that says "you've done enough" or "you've tried hard enough" are really the biggest enemy to my goal-effectiveness.  That quote in PMG (Preach My Gospel) from Elder Ballard makes me nervous, about how if we don't master the techniques of goal-setting and living to reach our goals, we will fall far short of our potential. My goal :) is to be really good at using goals.

Hermana Pitcher in front of their pension.
And our house with PLANTS (that we have to remember to water.) It is a really nice house.

When do you guys leave for Utah? WRITE IN YOUR JOURNALS ABOUT IT!!! And then tell me please.

Hermana Ludlam

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