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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You can actually CHANGE!

Hola Family Mine,

I feel like a very different person this week than I did last week. Training really just makes you strip yourself down sometimes, and realize all the problems you have, and how deep they are, and how much you didn't even know you were doing. And feel kind of rotten.

But the atonement makes you feel like “Wow, I have all these problems but I can just sort of leave them behind. I can just pray a lot all day for all these specific things I realized I have problems with and Heavenly Father will help me change”' And then you can actually CHANGE. 

Improvement feels pretty terrific.

I didn’t even realize what a compulsory person I was. Usually my intentions are good, like I tell someone to do some things because I really do want to help them and I know that what I am telling them to do will help them. 

But lots of people will NOT do the things you tell them to do, simply because you are pushing them to do it. I realized I push too forcibly when I'm trying to instill habits in my hija (the sister she is training), or when I want someone in the street to let us teach them, or when I want the ward council to do something. I’m learning how to be more invitational. That is how Christ does it. Teach the principles very clearly and firmly, explain a blessing or two and a consequence or two to assure them that you are instructing them for THEIR benefit, and then BACK OFF. And it works a lot better. I like how Lehi does it in 1 Ne 8:38. And after ·Lehi· had preached (taught them the principles) unto ·Laman and Lemuel·, and also prophesied unto them of many things (the consequences), he bade them to keep the commandments of the Lord (invited); and he did cease speaking unto them (backed off.)
At least until he needed to teach them something else.

I'd imagine training is kind of like parenting a teenager.

So I have been learning how to exhort with all long-suffering and kindness instead of trying to compel. And I am also being much more cognizant of how the way I say things affect people. Thank Sister Pitcher, future children!

Hermana Pitcher and I have noticed that street contacting in this area is not nearly as effective as in my other areas. Not sure if that is because of us or because of the area. We are searching for other ways to meet people.

Hermanas Pitcher, Lia, Harper and Pinguelo
My posterity (those she has trained) = (pictured Hija Hna Pitcher, yo, Hija Hna Harper, Nieta Hna Pinguelo). My new dress. You would be ASTOUNDED how hard it is to find a dress with sleeves and below the knees in Mexico Merida. My gafet (her name badge) says 'Hermana Garcia' and is in Portuguese because I lost both of my gafets... in two weeks... and the other one is in transit. I am borrowing from the mission president's wife. It's actually a blessing because everyone can say 'Hermana Garcia' a lot better than they can say 'Hermana Ludlam,' I might just keep it.

Or marry a Garcia. Je je -- just kidding.

Hermana Ludlam-Garcia

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