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Monday, October 6, 2014

What motivates me to go and share the gospel?

Querida familia,

Has conference always been that good… and I’ve just been missing it this whole time?

I think what made the difference of how much I enjoyed conference is that as a missionary, I’ve realized that the General Authorities are prophets of the world, not just the church. When I have that mindset, I realize the NEED to share the pure truths we are hearing with other people. The scripture I hear in conference is evidence to combat all of the false ideas that are out there. I think I was not aware of the other non-truths that are OUT there before becoming a missionary.

And because I’ve never been so aware of my own spiritual needs. In the mission I put a lot of thought into identifying them and writing them down. And then when Heavenly Father fills my empty glass to overflowing during Conference, I can appreciate it more.

This is what motivates me to go and share the gospel with other people--what I want other people to have, too:

1) Joy I feel in General Conference from hearing truth.
2) Joy of finding an answer in the Book of Mormon.
3) Peace I feel in the temple.
4) Joy from the feelings of love I feel for my family and my extended family.

Mucho amor,
Hna. Ludlam
Hermana Carr, Lia , y Hermano Jesus. He has been writing to my personal email this whole time about his post-baptism experience. Before the Conference, he printed them all out and gave them to me in a big packet!
At our ward family night, a performance of the "Tree of Life" vision.The ward told the missionaries that we were in charge of the performance about three hours before it started.  I narrated. The broom is the tree of life. We made fruit out of wads of toilet-paper.

La Familia Gonzales de Garcia Gineres. They are friends of the Luis Cardenas family in Bellevue, WA. Vanessa, Hassibe, Lia, Lorena y Miguel.

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