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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Training a Brand New Americana

Hola Familia,

I am going to be a trainer again! And I already know it’s going to be una Americana because only two sisters are coming this transfer and they are both Americans.

That means hopefully I will be able to send you pictures tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of people that I love.
La famila Canto Chan de Barrio Mulsay. L to R: Lia, Hna Tere, Hno Saul, Said, Daniel, Hassiv, Hna Tere cuts hair and makes empanadas and then goes and sells them on her trici with Said. Sometimes she gives us the extras. 
Lia, Hna Carr, Hna Alba, Hna Rosaura (the most saintly woman ever), una niña, Andres, otra hija de Hna Rosaura, otro hijo de Hno Rosaura, y Nery.

I will have to tell you more later.
Hna Ludlam 

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