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Monday, November 3, 2014

Welcome, Hermana Wilson! and a cockroach fiesta...

Querida Familia,
We finally meet Hermana Wilson, Oregonian!

I think this letter will be mostly a rave about mi hija (my daughter, or in other words, the new missionary I am training), Hna Wilson.

Hna Wilson is Oregonian (points already.)
Hna Wilson can already communicate in Spanish, and understands practically everything. 
Hna Wilson learns the things I tell her the first time I tell her.
Hna Wilson does things without me having to tell her-- if I'm doing it, she starts doing it. 
Hna Wilson is not picky and is not high-maintenence.
Hna Wilson is in good shape and likes to excercise.
Hna Wilson likes to study and she likes to read.
Hna Wilson has a beautiful singing voice and we can sing parts together.
And I am super impressed because NOTHING FAZES HER. 

Our first night was a little crazy because we spent at least an hour in the offices because President had to explain to me a special situation in our new area. And that alone might have scared someone new. And then, the address of our new house was wrong and so we drove around in the night for like an hour in the taxi, trying to contact anyone who would be able to get us in contact with the bishop. We got to the house and it was filthy…complete with a cockroach infestation!

We look over the binder and materials and map in the house and everything is a total mess. We go out to work and come back with nothing, and realize the streets on the mission map we have are not the same as the streets in real life. We come home and eat refried beans on bread that the last elders left in the fridge.

That was her first day in the mission and she is completely fine, not bothered in the least. I tell her “Sorry your first day in the mission wasn’t lo mas bonito (the most lovely),” and she just shrugs her shoulders and says “I'm fine.” She is so cool. She reminds me a LOT of Brooke or maybe Lana. I think there is an Oregon-Van Woerkom connection. 

Anyway, she is soaking up everything super fast and is already teaching and directing lessons on her own. I get what the scripture says about "having joy in my posterity." :)

We are in the area of Chuburna. Before, I thought Terranova was a fancy area, but Terranova is actually the outskirts of Chuburna. The area has been slightly.... “dis-attended” by previous missionaries, but the ward (barrio) is AWESOME. The majority of the members are all well-educated with careers and everything and they are awesome leaders. And they are so excited for sister missionaries! Everybody wants to be involved. And they have cars. :)

Have a great week. Go do Family History work and tell your friends about it.
Hermana Ludlam

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