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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yucatecan Phrases

Yucatecan phrases for future yucatecan missionaries. What makes them Yucatecan is the pronunciation. :)

´'Está bueno.' (Sounds good.)
'Así de cosas, misioneras.' (When they don't know what to say.)
'Así es.' (Yes; that's how it is.)
'Y me duele.' (When relating physical maladies).
'Lo que pasa es... que...' (The thing is...)
'¿No tienen frío?' (In 40-50 degree weather)
'...uh-hah...' (Frequent interjection)
'Otro dia.' (No.)
'Y me quedan duro, duro duro.' (Adjectives repeated three times.)
'Hasta oooOOoooh muy lejos' (Very far away-- expressed with a wave of the hand)
'Hace oooOOoooh mucho tiempo' (A long time ago-- also with a wave)
'Hay más, ¿eh? Con confianza.' (When putting down your plate for you)
'Soy catolico a mi manera.' (The prominent religion)
'Uait.' (Phew! Ugh. Wow.) 
'pam' (pan-- all words ending in 'n' are said with 'm'.)
'¿Como va a_hacer? (Really? When someone says something surprising or dumb)
'Como les vuelvo a repitir...' (for the fifth time)
'Les voy a decir una cosa' (To introduce a new idea)
'¡Ahí voy!' (I'm coming!)
'Ahí viene.' (Here she comes.)
'Ahí te hablan.' (There's someone at the door for you.)
'Este...' (Um... )
'Todavía.' (It's still that way.) (Not yet.)
'...que no sé que...' (interjection when quoting someone)
'Ouch.' (When something is dropped.)
'Lo busqué!' (I found it!)

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