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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A little extra gumption from Lia

 Lia sent two more pictures:

The Castro Familia, of whom we are quite fond-- L to R: Hermano Arturo, Hermana Wilson, Hermana Oaxaca, Lia, Hermana Dulce, y Hermana Castro. The son and daughter-in-law also live here (she is from Argentina!) but didn't make the foto.

(Right) Team Chucho. We had an AWESOME ward activity with volleyball, real-world music (I just about died) and commentary from Hermano Poot and Hermano Marquez. Mormons are so cool. The only thing was that nobody invited any non-members to the missionary activity. But that's okay; we're working on it. (L to R: Hermano Jesus (Chucho), Anaí (bishop's daughter), Abraham, Hermano Daniel (super lider misional), Hermana Wilson, and Lia.

Dear members,
Ward activities are for the purpose of inviting new people. We have them so we have an excuse to talk to new people. Please use them.

Much love and gumption,
Hermana Ludlam

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