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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Wedding, a Baptism, and Family History

Dear Family,

Family History is amazing. Dad sent me the stories of my great-grandparents on the Ludlam side (who I did not know at ALL) and I am just kind of in love with people, even normal people and imperfect people. Being a human being is so great, and I just like knowing about other human beings. People's lives are so different. Think of all the different lives that Heavenly Father knows.

Anyway, I realized a lot about where some of my personal traits come from and our family traits-- things really do get passed from generation to generation. Good things and bad things! What we are doing RIGHT NOW in our families is creating "traditions" (Book of Mormon word) for what will get passed to the next generation.

The picture to the right is from the wedding of Monica and Norton from Garcia Gineres (I sent a picture of them before), the SUPER ESCOGIDA familia (very elect family) that couldn't be baptized earlier because of marriage issues. Look how happy they are! Left to Right: Alejandro, Norton, Monica chica, Monica, Hermana Maki, Hermana Thomas, Maria (another convert from Garcia).

After the wedding, they were able to be baptized (below): Hermana Maki, Monica, Norton, and Hermana Thomas. I love these guys a lot. Teaching them was joy!

I like seeing things from Hermana Oaxaca's eyes, which are very different from mine. She talks a lot about her perceptions of what is going on. I like the comment she made this week: "We changed a lot of member's hearts this week. They were hard before, but now they are suavecitos (soft)." The Spirit (usually by way of the scriptures) really does change people's dispositions. The changes are not dramatic, but they are concrete, and I love seeing the little changes the people we work with make every day. 

We have been having very minimal success with finding people by contacting (which is what I have been doing pretty much my whole mission). We felt inspired that instead of keeping with the same routine, we're going to start putting our priority in the recent converts, less actives, and members, and hope that GOOD referrals come from that. We're still contacting, of course.

Love to all,

Hermana Lia

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