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Monday, March 24, 2014

Golden Families Make Me Happy!

Hnas. Harper, Ludlam, Torales, Janco at the temple
Hola Familia,

I don’t know what happened but it’s like every single person we are teaching is de oro (golden)-- practically ALL of our investigators are seriously progressing toward baptism. And there are like 10 of them! And we keep picking up more of them! AND we’re teaching our first-ever COMPLETE FAMILY (which practically do not exist here). Two parents and two kids! 

I love La Familia Lugo Diseño. The first visit, the Mom was telling us about how she reads the Bible and then just casually mentioned how she was applying some of the verses she read this week to her life, and then she showed us the inside cover of their family Bible where the Dad had been keeping notes on his favorite passages and keeping a mini Topical Guide of themes and references.

We met the Dad for the first time last night and he told us, “We have been looking at a LOT of churches as a family looking for something that fills, that satisfies us.” And then we sang “Las Familias Pueden Ser Eternas,” (Families Can Be Together Forever) and he says “Okay, I like this.” And then we started teaching them the first lesson about the nature of God and his plan for us and then about prophets and apostasy and he said, “I didn’t know it was possible to find a church that taught so much of what I already believed.”

AAAHHH… their family is the best. Families make me so happy, guys. 
Christian's baptism.  He is in the green shirt.
I don’t know whether all of this success is because Heavenly Father is making us better missionaries and so we are turning people into more oro-y (golden) investigators, or if Heavenly Father just trusts us and is just placing all these already-prepared people in our path. I’m a pretty happy missionary though.

Ooh! the baptism of Christian! He’s the one in green. There were so many people we could hardly fit in the room. He had THE BEST smile when he came up out of the water and we had three other investigators attending and it was a super great thing for them, too.  I'll have to send the picture in another email because it's not pasting,

Also, we did intercambios (exchanges) and had a little extra time before Christian’s interview, so we took pictures with Hermana Torales y Hermana Janco in front of the temple.

Love you guys,
Hna. Ludlam

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