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Monday, March 3, 2014

Very Short, but Sweet

Ah 10 minutes to write!!

Luci, I loved the fotos of your baptism! I hope you realize what a big deal it is to be baptized!  You’ve made a commitment to try to become like Christ for your whole life. And it’s even better because when you keep the commandments and are nice to your family, Heavenly Father will give you instructions on how to have a happy life through the Spirit! You can ask Him about any question or decision and he’ll let you know the right answer through the Holy Ghost. It's the same thing as having Jesus next to you all the time to give you advice and make you feel good.

What did you think about it? How does it feel to have the Holy Ghost? Is it helping you be nicer to people?

Lia in el Parque de las Americas, Gineres
Here is a touristy picture for you all. This is a pool in El Parque de Las Americas en Gineres. It’s a pretty popular site for tourists and it has this really nice peaceful feeling. The pool usually has water squirting out of the jaguar’s mouths but there were people working on it.

Could you guys maybe send me conference ensigns in English? No rush. President told us that modern-day revelation from prophets was even more fuerte (powerful) than the canonical scriptures.

Aw man, I had lots to tell you, how does this always happen? 

I know I type “I love you” all the time, but typing it just doesn’t cut it. I miss you guys a lot. 

You should give the missionaries references.

Hermana Ludlam

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