Serving in the Mexico Mérida Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Monday, March 10, 2014

White and ready to harvest

Mom's interpretation of the field is white, ready to harvest.
Hola Familia,

The area of Garcia Gineres is very much white and ready to harvest. Every week we keep finding more super-potente people. GAH! They’re so cool. Three more fechas (dates) this week, and I’m really hoping they’re going to split the area because we can hardly teach them all. 

This week I made the realization that even though I am enjoying my mission, I’ve been living it with the mindset of waiting until it’s over, so I can go back-- with the intent of still dedicating my life to serving God, but with being able to sing and dance and listen to music and hug boys -- and all of the things that make my life happy that I can’t do right now. I was thinking of it as fulfilling my duty to God because he asked me to sacrifice and even though I was happy doing it, I couldn’t wait to be even more happy when I got back.

But, I realized that this perspective is a great way to waste a year and a half. Probably when I get back, I am going to think, “Man, more than anything I wish I could go out and preach the gospel and do something so CONCRETE and HELPFUL for people and for God.”

I also realized that I am impatient to get back home and also to go back to my heavenly home with God that I forgot a little how PURPOSEFUL life is, even if you’ve already figured out what’s good (God is good.) Like the Nephites who said, when Christ asked them what they wanted, all they wanted was to quickly go back to live with God. But He made them stick around until they were 72!

So I’m trying to change my mindset and enjoy the great thing that I’m only ABLE to do for a very short period of my life. I still can’t wait to see you guys though. I have lots of airport-reunion envisionings.

Mamey, a fruit with a flavor unlike any other.
Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that I tried mamey and it is fantastic. It’s like the texure of an avocado but it’s a fruit and it’s orange. It’s got just a little bit of sweetness and it just mushes in your mouth. Hermana Harper and I have discovered that the mamey ice cream the heladeros sell on their bikes is even better that the fruit. :)

There are panaderos and heladeros and people who sell fruit (frutaderos?) and they all push their little carts in front of their bikes in the street all day. The heladeros use little bells to let you know they’re coming.

I was really impressed with this guy that lives close to the chapel-- I think he’s homeless because he stays in the same street corner to ask for money every day. But he shakes his money can in rhythms and is an INCREDIBLE whistler and even dances a little bit. It was like actually really good music. AH… I wish I had time to just sit and talk and listen to people!

Mmm, I wish you guys could try fresh mangos here too-- I've given up cutting them and we just peel them and eat them like bananas.

Hey, what do you guys think about family vacation trip to Mexico in December? 

Love you all,
Hermana Ludlam

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