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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baptism Gifts

Hola Familia Amada,
Lukas, the only likable dog in all of Mexico (Araujo's dog )

I just have time to send mostly fotos this week. We had transfers and...
Hermana Wilson and I are BOTH training!!! AND, they split our ward and we are staying in the same ward. HOORAY! We are all living in the same house until me and my companion can find a new house. It's like a party. Mi hija (her brand  new companion) is Hermana Oaxaca, mi primera bebe Mexicana (my first Mexican baby!). She is from the state of Mexico in Mexico. Pictures next week, sorry. 
Suri A, Hermana Lia, Armando A, Dionisio A, Manuel (baptized them), Nayeli A, Hermana Wilson, Hermano Daniel (mission leader))

There is a book I REALLY want to read when I get back that I found in the house of one of the members (in ENGLISH)-- it's called Sacred Walls (temporarily out of stock) and it's about temple imagery. I opened up to one page and was stunned by the profundity. I wish could have sat there for a long time.... but missionaries are not for sitting on couches and reading.
Beautiful Ashley and her grandmother,  Sandra, returning to activity
Oh! And I bought the hamaqueros, and I bought hamaqueros for the sister in our ward that asked for them. I bought them in the market, so they were cheap. :-)

Wish I had time to write the events of this week, next week should be better.
Hermana Ludlam
(more pictures below!)

The notebooks we made for the Araujo Family and Ashley for their baptism gifts. We also gave them each a scripture marker.

We sleep in our huipiles. Mine is from Hermano Jesus a few months ago, and Hermana Wilson bought hers in Centro last week.
 When we came for our last appointment before the baptism, guess who had already started filling out his Mi Famila booklet and had an entire stack of ancient documents, ID cards, and letters that he was analyzing.
Dionisio, of course!

The Pech Pool Family.  A family that is very dear to my heart-- good, good people. Hermana Wilson, Hermana Lia, Graciella, Hugo, Jose, Adrian, Manuel.

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