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Monday, January 12, 2015

I Love Eternal Families

Hola Familia,

They are going to split the Chuburna area so we are all very curious about what the transfers are going to be next week. Hermana Wilson's and my secret desire is that each of us goes to a different part of Chuburna so we can stay in the same ward. 

This picture was taken at our  Noche de Hogar (Family Night) with the Familia Araujo (baptism this Saturday) with the Familia Poot invitado. It was FABULOUS-- we talked about eternal marriage and family history work. And because the Primary (the Children's organizationin the church) asked me to play that day, I happened to have my violin with me. :) The Poot family was sealed eternally in the temple a few years ago, and they shared a moving testimony of temples. Seated  around the table: Graciela Poot, Jose Poot, Suri Araujo, Armando A, Nayeli A, Dionisio, Yanet (niece), Marta (hermana), Lia, and Adrian Poot.

Dionisio said (with his Dionisio grin) "We haven't made covenants yet, so we could still work on Sunday," to build the table in the foto. They didn't have a table big enough for all of us, so he used a big piece of material from work (it is made out of the white bumpy stuff they use to make fridges) and nailed it on sawhorses. Not really a true principle, but at least they realize the seriousness of their covenants. :) 
And, Nayeli invited her sister and niece to the Family Night.  This means 2 more investigadores! I LOVE ETERNAL FAMILIES!
The Araujo Family

We are SO excited about the baptisms this weekend. The WARD is excited too, I think they are also a little baptism-hungry. They have been so good to the Familia Araujo.

Before this week, we had about 15 people with baptismal dates. After the baptisms, I think we will have 0. We lost about 10 people this week.

It's okay, though, I think Heavenly Father is just sweeping out our schedule a bit so we will have time to teach all the people we're going to find this next week. :) 

Hermana Ludlam

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