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Monday, January 5, 2015

He loves me that way

Hola Familia!

Thanks for the conference newspaper, Mum. What is fantastic is that I feel the same thrill reading those talks that I felt listening to them for the first time 3 months ago. I love truth... It's funny because I'll read a talk and think, "Hey, I didn't hear that the first time," and then I'll look in my notes and my exact same thought was already written down and I just forgot it. We need to review conference. :-)  You can listen or read here!

Also, Mum, thank you for giving me your Jesus El Cristo. I started reading it during breakfast about a month ago and it has significantly deepened my love for Christ. I think one of my biggest barriers to loving Christ is just knowing Him, and Jesus El Cristo is like a read-between-the-lines re-write of the New Testament. I've realized new attributes of Christ by seeing him more as a real person. I feel so much more love for Him when He is real.

I've been thinking about Heavenly Father's love for us, too. Lots of times I hear "Heavenly Father loves us," but that just doesn't trigger an emotional reaction. I loved that quote Mum sent* about our whole lives being designed for us by Him-- His love for us is current and intense and 'metido' (I don't know how to say 'meter' in English).

*This is the quote: "The joy that consumes our soul when we discover that missions – and life – were designed by a loving Heavenly Father to create opportunities to touch other lives and by so doing we forever change our own and there is no other way to become like God in that capacity–there is no other way.--J. Ritchie

He wants us to learn what He's learned, and He wants to teach us, individually, all of those things. He wants to be constantly involved in every line and precept that we learn. There is such an intense joy in realizing that He loves me that way.

I love you all.
Write down your propositos (resolutions)!
Hna Lud-lamanita

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  1. I love the Ritchie quote! Gives new depth and meaning to the song, "I Will Follow God's Plan for Me," doesn't it?!?